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Update from the desk…

I haven’t been active for some time. As I have said in many of my previous posts, I really do suck at the upkeep. With that being said, I do have a few updates to share. Pre-Order Alert! A Song of Wing and Witchery Limited Edition Anthology! A Song of Wings and Witchery brings togetherContinue reading “Update from the desk…”

Alceu is LIVE & on SALE!!!

The time has finally come! The first novel in my Cammareri Family Series is live and I can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Reviews are coming in and I love how much everyone is enjoying Alceu and Guilia! Their story is beautiful and passionate. I have already started working on book 2 (Severu) andContinue reading “Alceu is LIVE & on SALE!!!”

Alceu is going LIVE soon!

I haven’t updated my website in a while. Firstly, real life and a day job kept me out of town and busy for a while and then I got sick. Nothing to be worried about just a really stiff case of the flu. But I am back and I can’t wait to share my newsContinue reading “Alceu is going LIVE soon!”