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Throwback Thursday

Not His Mate – Katu Wolves Book 2

When a wolf shifter finds their fated mate their entire world changes. There is nothing on earth they wouldn’t do to keep their mate by their side. But what happens when your fated mate is already mated to someone else?

Calum Beckett, Beta to the Katu wolf pack, has finally found his fated mate in Talon Quinn. The only problem is that she already has a mate. Trying to stay away from Talon is pulling him apart and driving his wolf to the brink of insanity. But what choice does he have?

Talon has moved to the Katu Pack with her mate Parker, but Parker isn’t her true mate, but someone she was forced to mate by her previous Alpha. When she finds her fated mate her life is thrown even further into chaos. Difficult choices lie ahead, and no matter which path she chooses, pain is inevitable.

How much pain are you willing to cause? How will either mate react to choices that Talon makes? Can anyone have their happily ever after?


I still have a rebellious streak, it’s part of my personality, but I try to tamp it down. Today, I have pushed more of Parker’s buttons than I have in the last year, and the outcome will not be good. Not that it would matter what my attitude was toward any of this. It’s obvious Parker could sense the mating bond between the Beta and me. It is a palpable aura that clings to unmated wolves when they find their true mate. I may not be as heavily affected as Calum is because I am already mated, but with our heightened senses, he couldn’t have missed it.

“Talon,” Calum calls out to me.

His voice flows over me, coating me. The deepness vibrates through me, turning me inside out. I want to continue walking, but my body responds to him so strongly that my feet stay planted to the path. I don’t turn to watch him approach me because I can feel his presence get closer with every step.

“You’re at the wrong house,” he says lowly into my ear. “This is my house. And although you will always be welcome here, it would be inappropriate.”

Placing his hand on my lower back, he guides me to the house beside his, sending goosebumps skittering across my flesh. All thought has fled from my mind as I allow him to touch me and guide me. At the door to the main house, we stand in silence for long moments, his fingers lightly flexing against my back before he knocks.

The door is flung back, and Peyton beams at me.

“Talon!” she squeals before throwing her arms around my neck and embracing me closely. “Come in! I am super excited to have you here. Let me show you around.”

Peyton grabs my hand and leads me deeper into the house, pulling me away from Calum’s touch. A touch I immediately miss. In the massive kitchen, she flutters about, talking continuously, but I don’t hear a word. I am trying to center myself in this new normal that has been thrust upon me.

“Talon?” Peyton looks at me quizzically. “Are you okay?”


“You can talk to me. The new pack can feel overwhelming but we have always been friends. If it’s about the mating scent clinging to you, maybe I can help.” She looks so supportive I can’t stop myself from spilling the beans.

Taking a seat at the solid wood counter that runs the length of her kitchen, I haul in a deep breath before letting it all out.

“Slade forced me to mate when I came of age. You had already been gone by the time that Parker found his way to the pack, but he isn’t a good man. He isn’t a good wolf. And then we came here because you said we would be safe and accepted, and now I’ve found my true mate. And I don’t have a clue what I should do.” Sighing, I rest my head in my hands. The migraine I will definitely have later already forming at the base of my skull.

“What?” she yells.

Footsteps can be heard from deeper in the house before a large male appears at Peyton’s side. His hands are all over her face and body, looking for the cause of her distress. When he finds nothing, he finally scans the surrounding area before his gaze lands on me. His gaze narrows and my wolf wants nothing more than to submit and bare my throat to the man who is clearly my new Alpha.

“Stop that, Caine. Talon didn’t do anything wrong. I was just shocked by some news she shared with me.” Peyton pushes at his chest. “Go and be domineering somewhere else. This is girl talk.”

“Are you sure, my moon?” He cups her face gently in hands that I am sure are capable of immense violence.

Her face softens as she smiles up at him before placing a kiss on his scruffy jaw.

“Yes, my love,” she replies, and the moment feels way too personal for me to witness.

Throwback Thursday

His Refused Mate – Katu Wolves Book 1

Wolf shifters are fated with one mate. Losing your mate or refusing it causes immense pain and, in some cases, death. But what if fate gives you a second chance?

Payton has been on her own for longer than she can remember, even when she was still part of a pack. Being refused by her fated mate has her fleeing, starting a life of solitude away from any other shifters

Caine is the Alpha to his pack and although he loves his pack dearly, he longs for his true mate. When he catches her scent he will do everything to make her his. But can he convince her to take a chance?


Deciding to go for a swim before I shift to my wolf, I get undressed, fold my clothes neatly and place the pile, along with my shoes, behind a tree. Slowly I wade in, enjoying the coolness of the water against my skin. I feel overheated and my skin feels stretched tight over my bones. It has been that way since I got here, and I can’t explain it. I have the most vivid dreams about a man whose face I can’t see no matter how hard I try, and more often than not I wake up with my breasts feeling heavy and an intense ache between my legs.

Dipping my head beneath the water, I clear my mind and take a deep breath as I reemerge. Pushing my hair back, I stare up at the stars and thank the goddess again that I am finally free.

A sound to my left startles me, drawing my attention. Emerging from the treeline is the largest black wolf I have ever seen. I don’t move, afraid to even breathe. I may be able to defend myself against a would-be human attacker, but a wolf, especially one this size, is not something I would ever take on.

Slowly he pads forward before lying down in front of the pool, resting his head on his front paws, his yellow eyes watching me intently. As the fear starts to dim—because he clearly isn’t intent on attacking me—a new scent assaults my senses. Dark and rich, like freshly made coffee. When it hits me, I am transported back to my dreams. Instantly my nipples pebble harder than they already are, my breasts starting to feel heavy, and the throbbing between my legs returns. The arousal is so intense that my knees threaten to buckle.

The black wolf whines before crawling closer on his belly. Even in wolf form, his gaze appears pained. But as I take another deep breath of fresh air, catching the strong scent again, I remember. I remember the last time a smell affected me this way, turned me inside out. I remember the pain that followed once I was rejected. The humiliation of not being good enough for the mate the goddess chose for me.

But it isn’t possible. I have only heard stories of wolves finding a second mate, old wives tales that very few put any stock in. I don’t know anyone who has ever experienced it.

“What do you want?” I question.

Slowly, he starts to shift back to human form. I watch in amazement as the most beautiful man I have ever seen appears before me. If I ever thought that Slade was attractive, I knew nothing. The man before me is gorgeous, with dark hair and a chiseled jaw with a little scruff. Broad shoulders lead down to an expansive chest with beautiful artwork tattooed over his arms. My gaze skims over a perfectly defined abdomen with a V indent beside the hip I have the sudden urge to lick, down to an impressive cock. A fully erect cock.

He stands perfectly still as I take my fill of his physique, but as I stare at him, his cock twitches. As part of the shifter community, I am used to nudity. I have seen my fair share of naked men and cocks in all shapes and sizes, but never in my nineteen years have I felt the urge to get down on my knees, naked, and present myself to a male.

I may be a virgin, but I am not some simpering idiot. Since my humiliation at the hands of my former mate, I have educated myself. I watch porn. I masturbate. I may never have had sex, but I do know the mechanics of it.

“What do you want?” I demand again, straightening my shoulders.

“My mate,” he snaps in return.

My Review: Vengeful Minds by Ashlee M Edmonds

***Let me just start this review by saying this is my first novel by Ashlee M Edmonds. But it WILL NOT be the last!***

Vengeful Minds is the 4th novel in the Reapers of Havoc MC. Although the author puts in the work to make sure it can be read as a stand-alone, I do recommend reading it as part of the series. (I will now spend my time reading the first three simply out of curiosity)

Rating: 4/5
Spice: 4/5
Angst: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Cliffhanger: Yes!
Do I recommend: Hell YES!

This novel contains so many twists & turns. It has a great pace that will keep you turning the pages long after you should have gone to sleep. Vengeful Minds is an intense read with so many emotions jumping out at you from any given page.
I recommend that you make sure to cancel all your plans before starting this read because you won’t be going anywhere or getting anything done once you have gotten started.

Throwback Thursday

The Dog – Gypsy Bastards MC Book 3

The Gypsy Bastards MC is a family, and they continue to expand…

Bodhi “Mad Dog” Black falls for Kaiya Walsh the moment he sees her. Bruised, beaten, and broken, she’s still the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Kaiya comes from a violent past, and getting over it may not be possible. Moving forward is hard, and no matter how much her mind, body, and soul have healed, she simply doesn’t feel worthy.

When she starts to spread her wings, Mad Dog takes a chance and tries to get close to her, but he doesn’t think she’s ready for everything he wants. And he wants it all.

Navigating Kaiya’s harrowing past is one thing, but more obstacles pop up as well. Will they survive to get a happily ever after when the dust settles?


My entire first week, I didn’t see any of the guys. I missed Sparrow because he only works morning. But the other guys, I have no idea how I was able to avoid them. But that all just changed a moment ago, when the entire club walked in. Thank God for small miracles, because they aren’t seated in my section.

Continuing with my duties, I purposefully avoid the area they are seated and act like I didn’t see them enter. It’s hard to keep my gaze off them, but I’m able to do it.

“Damn, those are some fine-ass men.” Charlie sighs dreamily when I approach the bar.

“Yup,” I reply distractedly.

“And that Mad Dogs is staring a hole right through you.” She gestures with her head.

“Shit,” I mutter, still not looking their way.

“I’m assuming as your new BFF there are some details you haven’t shared with me yet.”

I lift my gaze swiftly, only to find Charlie smiling down at me. “Don’t worry. We will get to that part someday soon, but now, you might want to brace yourself.”

She grabs my order ticket and heads down the bar to fill my order. I know Bohdi is behind me before he speaks. His presence is something I can physically feel wash over me. His smell hits me next. His natural musk, some cologne that he wears, and the underlying smell of engine oil. A smell they all carry no matter what.

“Kaiya,” he growls in my ear before standing beside me. “You’re looking beautiful as always.”

My gaze travels up the length of his body. Black boots, thick, jean-covered thighs, and a plain black t-shirt. His chin is covered in scruff, his eyes bright as he watches me with a smirk on his face.

“Bohdi,” I breathe. His presence has my stomach fluttering, my pulse spiking, and arousal coursing through me. I haven’t felt any form of arousal toward a man since I can remember. But Bohdi makes me feel all kinds of things I never thought were possible.

“I didn’t know you started here,” he says.

“Almost two weeks. I thought it might be a good idea. Help me start feeling more normal.”

Bohdi raises his hand to cup my cheek, staring into my eyes. His lips are a hairsbreadth away from mine when he speaks. “Normal is for people who conform. You will never be a typical woman because you will always be extraordinary.”

His words rake over my skin and cause me to shiver.

“Damn, girl.” Charlie interrupts the moment. “If you don’t kiss him after that, I will.”

My gaze cuts to her as I glare. Bohdi chuckles before heading back to the guys at their table. Charlie raises her hands in the air, showing she meant no harm before continuing to get drinks for the other waitresses. Jealousy isn’t an emotion that I’m used to. Fear. Anger. So many other emotions, but never jealousy. The thought of Bohdi touching anyone else has rage swimming through my veins and my vision going hazy.

Breathing deep, I take my drink order and make sure all my tables are happy before taking a five-minute break. Standing outside Dusk, I wish I smoked. I don’t have a reason to be standing here in the alley, but I just needed to breathe.

I hear the door behind me open as I continue to breathe in and out. Hands land on my hips and pull me into a hard, muscled chest. We stand there as I relax into his hold, neither speaking a word. After a while, the door opens again, and this time, I do look back. In the doorway is Preacher, staring at us with a stony gaze.

“Break’s over,” he barks before heading back.

Bohdi doesn’t even acknowledge that we were interrupted, but does turn me in his arms. His hands flex on my hips where they are still keeping a hold of me, and I don’t know how I don’t beg him to keep holding me.

“I want to see you. I don’t care if it’s after work or tomorrow morning, but I can’t keep on going like you aren’t an important part of my life. We don’t have to go to my house, and nothing has to happen, but I want to see you.”

He doesn’t wait for a reply, and he knows I won’t say no.

Wrapped in Silk by MJ Fields


A highly emotional, sensitive story about second chances at life and love.

Emma, mother to seven-year-old London, finds herself separated and on the verge of divorce. She is not looking for love, just a happy life and the ability to take care of her daughter.

Brody is one of the most popular rock stars in the world, who is also going through a divorce. An extremely attractive man—possibly the most attractive man that Emma has ever seen—with a British accent and piercing, intense, blue eyes.

While visiting a friend in New York City, Emma runs into Brody, literally. Brody knows he has to have her, and Emma knows she doesn’t have time for a distraction while on her quest to rebuild her life and take care of the most important part of it—London.

Will Emma ignore the powerful attraction she feels for him, or will she allow him to be the perfect distraction for her first weekend without her daughter?

My Review:

As per what can be expected, MJ Fields delivers yet another heart-wrenching love story.

Brody is a rockstar with a heart of gold and a truckload of his own issues
Emma is a single mom going through a divorce

Brody and Emma are instantly attracted to each other and it quickly leads to a much deeper level. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems.
From ex-husbands to health issues, the two of them are put through the wringer.
Don’t let that put you off though…the roller coaster ride is well worth it!

Rating: 4/5

Spice: 4/5

Angst: 3/5

Plot: 4/5

Cliffhanger: Yes

Do I recommend reading this: Yes

Throwback Thursday

The Pope – Gypsy Bastards MC Book 2

Do second chances exist?

Storm has been in love with Colin “Pope” O’Brien since she was thirteen but it wasn’t meant to be. Years later, the opportunity to be together presents itself—but it’s stolen away in the blink of an eye.

After a near-death experience, Pope decides to bear his heart to Storm and finally claim the woman he loves. But it just doesn’t seem in to be in the cards for them. Patience isn’t his strong suit, but forcing his way in will only push Storm further away.

Secrets, lies, and an outside threat could keep them apart. Is the timing any better this time around? Is love enough or will there always be something keeping them apart?

Be Warned: spanking


She takes a deep breath and nods. She steps away from me but takes my hand as she leads me to her bedroom. Stopping at the foot of her bed, she turns to face me again. Slowly, like she isn’t sure of what she’s doing, she raises her hands to my shoulders and starts to work my cut off. When she gets it past my arms, she folds it with care and places it on the stool in front of her vanity. Returning to me, she lifts the hem of my t-shirt to remove it. I don’t speak, don’t tell her to take off her clothes the way I want to. She needs to be in control at this moment and this is me giving that to her.

She doesn’t show the same care for my clothes as she did my cut, instead, tossing my shirt to the floor. As she stares at me, her breathing accelerates and she touches my bare skin. Her nails run over my tattoos and then my abs before she moves around me. She touches the tattoo on my back and plants a kiss between my shoulder blades. I always knew Storm loved the club, but her reverence to my cut and the tattoo of our patch on my back almost unmans me. It’s enough to nearly bring me to my knees.

She turns me around so I’m yet again facing her. Pushing, she walks me back toward the bed where I wait on the edge. She has a plan and I’m smart enough to know not to interfere. Taking three steps back, she smiles at me, but it’s not the smile I’m used to. Instead of the self-assured Storm I have always known, the woman in front of me is almost shy.

“Tell me what you want.”

The words leave her on a breath, no louder than a whisper. She’s dressed in jean shorts and a black halter neck top. She isn’t wearing the shoes from earlier, having kicked them off somewhere along the way.

“Let me see you. Show me what is mine from today on out.”

Throwback Thursday

The Wolf – Gypsy Bastards MC Book 1

Being hurt and alone is nothing new to Hadley. She’s survived on her own for as long as she can remember, and no one will dictate the way she lives her life. With loss and pain dominating her memories, how can she put her faith in someone again?

Having no one to depend on besides his club has hardened Brandon to the outside world—and it’s exactly how he prefers it. The moment he lets people get close they always find a way to backstab him. There’s no room for love in his world.

Hadley and Brandon need a reason to let their walls down and let love in. Can two broken souls find a way to save each other?


Moving on from the disappointment of Wolf not stopping me, I get comfortable. I get out of my jeans and sneakers, loosen the knot in Wolf’s t-shirt, and bundle my hair on my head in a messy bun. My hangover has completely left me and I decide to have a glass of wine and relax. A knock at my door has me putting down the glass and moving toward it. Storm sent a message earlier, saying she would be stopping by later to check on me. I don’t check the peephole but fling the door open, expecting to find her on the other side. Instead, Wolf stands there staring at me. His gaze scans me from top to toe before a mask of rage covers his face. He propels me back into the apartment, shutting the door behind him with the heel of his boot before he crowds me against the wall.

“Do you always answer the door half fucking naked?”

His voice is a low growl that causes goosebumps to pop up along my arms. “Huh?”

I know what he’s asking, but having him this close to me has fried my brain.

“Or were you expecting someone else?” He stares deep into my eyes as he waits for an answer.

“Who do you think I would be expecting?” Goading him probably isn’t the best idea, but at this moment, it’s all I have.

“Justice? Or perhaps whoever taught you how to ride on a bike?”

A burst of laughter leaves me. When it comes to this man, I rarely react the way I’m supposed to.

“Justice? Sure, he’s cute and all, but he just turned eighteen. That wouldn’t work for me. As for the riding, he won’t be coming around again.”

“So, you simply walk around half-naked and open the door without even checking first?”

Staring up at him, I have no answer. He steps closer and stands against me. His erection presses into my stomach and a sound I don’t even recognize leaves me. I sound wanton and needy.

Before I can comprehend what’s happening, Wolf crashes his mouth down on mine. His kiss isn’t soft. He runs his tongue along the seam of my lips before nipping at my bottom lip, prompting me to gasp. The moment my mouth opens, his tongue invades inside. His kiss overwhelms and dominates me, triggering my body to melt into him.

His hands glide down my back to grip my ass as he lifts me into the air. Wrapping my legs around him, I pull him closer to me. He grinds his considerable hard-on against my pussy and I moan out loud again. Not having had sex in over three years has clearly turned me into a wanton slut. The feel of his hands, lips, and erection drives me to the brink of insanity. With his body pressing me firmly against the wall, his hands are free to roam over my body.

His left hand slips beneath the hem of my t-shirt and works its way up to my breast. Then he holds my breast before giving it a slight squeeze. The roughness of his hand adds to the sensations he’s creating. Taking my nipple between two of his fingers, he pinches it while grinding his erection against my center. My orgasm takes me by surprise and I whimper into his mouth. Never have I come so quickly for a man, especially with him barely having touched me. Wolf presses his face into my neck, panting heavily while I come down from my high.

“Shit.” He draws in another deep breath. “I didn’t mean to do that. I only want to talk to you.”

Nodding is the only reply I have for him. All capacity to form words and sentences has fled me. Slowly, he lowers me to my feet, but he doesn’t let go. Instead, he tilts my head back and kisses me again. This kiss is soft and exploratory and unrushed. My hands move of their own volition, around his neck and twisting into his hair as he slowly continues to seduce my mouth.

“I’m going to leave before this goes any further, but I want to get to know you. I want to spend time with you. Go out with me tomorrow?”

“I can’t.” My reply has a scowl instantly appearing on his face. Touching my lips to his, I explain, “I’m on shift tomorrow.”

“Fuck that. I’ll sort that out as long as you give me a chance.”

He looks so hopeful as he waits for me to answer. After I nod my agreement, he kisses me before he pulls away.

“I’ll pick you up at six. You should wear something comfortable.”

He grabs my phone and programs his number in it before calling himself. He lightly kisses my forehead before returning to his motorcycle, leaving me behind wanting more.

Update from the desk…

I haven’t been active for some time. As I have said in many of my previous posts, I really do suck at the upkeep. With that being said, I do have a few updates to share.

Pre-Order Alert!

A Song of Wing and Witchery

Limited Edition Anthology! A Song of Wings and Witchery brings together tantalizing tales of paranormal romance in this epic collection of enthralling books penned by bestselling and award-winning authors.

💜 Paranormal romance

💙 Witches & Fairies

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Coming Soon!!!

Alpha Male Anthologies (MF and MM)


Fray by Raven Hush

Unlikely Mates by Jade Marshall

Luna Hunted by Helen Walton

Dragon’s Don’t Share by Lily Harlem

Return of the Alpha by Beth D. Carter

Claimed by the Alpha by Lila Fox

Love at First Scent by Sarah Marsh

His Curvy Mate by Sam Crescent & Stacey Espino

Forsaken Omega by Winter Sloane

Belonging by Rose Wulf

Wild Hearts by Faedra Rose

The Alpha’s Private Dancer by Cooper McKenzie

Just His Luck by Kait Gamble


Omega’s Sanctuary by January Rayne

Primal Verdict by Ava Olsen

Kink in Cuffs by James Cox

Carnal Hearts by Faedra Rose

Fled by Allyson Young

The Challenge by Pelaam

The Stranded Sky Castle by L.J. Longo

Pre-order coming SOON!

Unwelcome Mate

Sapphire: Every shifter longs to find their fated mate. It’s one of the greatest blessings the Goddess can ever give to a shifter. But sometimes even the Goddess can make a mistake. When your mate is your childhood bully, there must be a mistake.

Marc: I started to believe I would never find my fated mate and had already accepted it as fact. Then I find her. But the woman I want to claim is a grown-up version of a girl I tortured when we were children. I wish I could go back and change things but the past is set in stone. Is there any way for me to make this right?


Lira Blake: My blood is blue. I am a cop through and through. But when an assignment brings me into the Cammareri Family home, I learn not everything is black and white. Sometimes the law has to be broken for justice to be served. Severu has me re-thinking everything I have ever known.

Severu Cammareri: Lira appears in my life unexpectedly. A situation out of my control has her living in my home. I wasn’t looking for a woman and now I have to find a way to keep my hands off her. Her betrayal should make it easy, but I still crave her.Lira has turned my entire world upside down.

There are so many more great novels planned for the rest of 2022 and 2023!



The big announcement 💜💜

It is with great pleasure that January Rayne Author and I announce that we will be co-authoring a Paranormal Romance series!

The Protectors of Arcane Valley are going to blow your mind! We will keep you updated as we progress and hopefully the first novel will be available by the end of 2022.

We hope that everyone else is as excited as we are. Join January’s Raynestormers to make sure you don’t miss a single thing.

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💜A song of Wings and Witchery💜

I will have a great little story in this upcoming anthology and I am so excited to share this with you.

💜 Pre-order will be up 1 July 2022
💜 Going Live on 31 October 2022

🎃Don’t miss out on this Halloween read🎃

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