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Katu Wolves

His Refused Mate – Book 1

(Release Date: 29 October 2021)

Peyton has had her world shattered, and has closed herself off from the world. She works, reads, and lets her wolf run free.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Caine is the Alpha of the Katu pack. He takes care of everyone and always has the interest of the pack at heart. But he longs to find his true mate.
Watching everyone find their happiness, while he waits has left him jaded.

But a chance encounter could change both of their lives.
Can Caine convince Peyton to take a chance?
Is Peyton willing to open her heart after the pain she has experienced?

And what happens when outside forces place even more pressure on them?
Only time will tell… 

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Not His Mate – Book 2

(Release Date: 6 May 2021)

When a wolf shifter finds their fated mate their entire world changes. There is nothing on earth you wouldn’t do to keep your mate by your side, happy and safe. But what happens when your fated mate is already mated to someone else?

Calum Beckett, Beta to the Katu wolf pack, has finally found his fated mate in Talon Quinn. The only problem is that she already has a mate. Trying to stay away from Talon is pulling him apart and driving his wolf to the brink of insanity. But what choice does he have?

Talon has moved to the Katu Pack with her mate Parker, but Parker isn’t her true mate, but someone she was forced to mate by her previous Alpha. When she finds her fated mate her life is thrown even further into chaos. Difficult choices lie ahead, and no matter which path she chooses, pain is inevitable.

How much pain are you willing to cause? How will either mate react to the choices that Talon makes? Can anyone have their happily ever after?

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The Wrong Mate – Book 3

(Release Date: 29 October 2021)

Finding your mate should be the happiest time in any wolf shifter’s life. But what if your mate is the wrong mate?

Raine is finally old enough to find her mate, and she couldn’t be happier. Being in love with Max since the first time she met him, he is the only mate that she has ever wanted. Now she only has to convince Max that they are meant to be. Getting Max to accept their mate bond is the least of Raine’s problems, especially with the hunters closing in again.

Max loves Raine, but she can’t be his mate. He isn’t worthy. He can’t offer her the life that she deserves, so he leaves. Now he only has to convince his wolf to stay away because he knows he will never be able to refuse her. But when Raine is in danger, will he really have a choice?

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Unwanted Mate – Book 4

(Release Date: 30 September 2022)


Every shifter longs to find their fated mate. It’s one of the greatest blessings the Goddess can ever give to a shifter. But sometimes even the Goddess can make a mistake.

When your mate is your childhood bully, there must be a mistake.


I started to believe I would never find my fated mate and had already accepted it as fact. Then I find her. But the woman I want to claim is a grown-up version of a girl I tortured when we were children. I wish I could go back and change things but the past is set in stone.

Is there any way for me to make this right?

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Mated for Eternity – Book 5

(Release Date: 2023)

A New Mate – Book 6

(Release Date: 2023)

Return of the Alpha – Book 7

(Release Date: 2024)

Catching Their Mate – Book 8

(Release Date: 2024)

The Katu Wolf pack will continue to grow! Stay tuned to see what everyone gets up to!

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