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A Witch’s Heart is LIVE 💜

✨️✨️✨️SUPRISE!!!✨️✨️✨️💜💜💜A Witch’s Heart is LIVE!💜💜💜 The Eternal Havok has raged for years destroying the realm of Runic. The only way to end the war is for the future High Leader to merge with a powerful witch from Alluvium. Korvinus travels to Alluvium to find the perfect witch to help him save his realm. But convincingContinue reading “A Witch’s Heart is LIVE 💜”

Have you gotten your hands on Alceu yet❓❓❓

💛Mafia Romance (m/f)💛First in a series of stand-alone novels💛Marriage of convenience💛Death, Murder, and Mayhem💛Happily ever after MULTIPLE 5⭐REVIEWS!🚩”I liked the FMC so much she was above average, spunky and I enjoyed the fact that the most dangerous family are actually super respectful gentlemen.” – Goodreads Reviewer🚩”Considering it’s only 86 pages the author does a brilliantContinue reading “Have you gotten your hands on Alceu yet❓❓❓”

Alceu is LIVE & on SALE!!!

The time has finally come! The first novel in my Cammareri Family Series is live and I can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Reviews are coming in and I love how much everyone is enjoying Alceu and Guilia! Their story is beautiful and passionate. I have already started working on book 2 (Severu) andContinue reading “Alceu is LIVE & on SALE!!!”

Just a little update…

A lot of things have been happening this past week! Here is a quick rundown… This has been an epic writing week for me. I have gotten a ton of writing done and that means new things for you to read. Yaaay! 📚 The Partner Dilemma is done! Depending on your reaction as readers itContinue reading “Just a little update…”