Busy Weekend!

This weekend has been super busy so far. Not only do I have a new release this coming Friday, 29th of October 2021. But my muse has been chatting up a storm. I just wanted to share all of the new developments with you.

First off, my new release! Not His Mate (Katu Wolves Book #2) is going live on the 29th of October 2021. It is part of the Katu Wolves series and can be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone. This short story is hot and steamy with an unexpected twist. It is currently available for pre-order at https://www.amazon.com/Not-Mate-Katu-Wolves-Book-ebook/dp/B09JS2W71N

I love the cover art and just want to send it to everyone I know!

Next, The Dog is in for editing. I had a couple of glaring issues that I had to fix before we could start working on it but the ball is finally rolling. this will be my sixth book in total and even now I still get giddy. I can’t wait to have cover art to share with everyone along with the all-important release date. I will keep everyone updated as we progress.

Then my muse… That woman has been running me ragged these last couple of weeks. I have an insane amount of inspiration, tons of stories floating around my head, and characters that just won’t shut up until their story gets told. But I have a bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them so I am forcing myself to stick to one thing at a time.

The Wrong Mate (Katu Wolves Book #3) is my current project. As seen above I am almost halfway with it and should finish by tomorrow. Then I want to jump into the next project while I am still inspired. I have posted a poll on my Facebook page to see what everyone would like next. Follow the link and cast your vote. https://www.facebook.com/groups/JadeMarshall.FanClub/

There is also a giveaway running on my Facebook group that I hope you enter. Winners (yes 2) will each receive an e-copy of Katu Wolves book 1 and 2. Good luck to everyone entering.

Lastly, I feel very humble and grateful to each and every person that has purchased, reviewed, and recommended my work. Thank you all. Also thanks to the wonderful author community that has welcomed me with open arms. Thank you for each post like, share, and all the beautiful comments and well wishes. It has been almost two years since I started the beautiful, crazy, scary adventure and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank you all for your support



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South African-born author. Bibliophile. Mother of beasts and a 15-year-old blonde. Married to a hard ass, loving, biker. Hair color tester. Drinker of alcohol. Learning to cook

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