The Pope (book 2 of GBMC)

I totally suck at keeping this blog up to date and have decided to update as I can. So I missed The Pope going live (only on the blog) but it has been almost a month and I though I would share some reviews.

I LOVE receiving reviews. Whether a reader loved it or hated it, I love finding out. I fully believe that reviews open up a channel between author and reader that wasn’t there before… besides, I have been getting such great feedback that it will only strengthen my writing as I progress.

For those of you that are new to my blog, The Pope is the second novel of my Gypsy Bastards MC series and although it is part of a series it can also be read as a stand alone novel.

The Pope is about finding the person your heart has desired for years and trying to make it work even when the odds are against you. Pope and Storm have their work cut out for them and very rarely catch a break.

Sassy Redhead Book Reviews – Wow! Twists and turns, secrets, betrayal and sweet, tough bikers, what more could you ask for in an MC?

Collin ‘Pope’ O’Brien is the president of the Gypsy B* MC. He has a history with Storm and keeps her at arm’s length, although, that’s not what he wants to do. He grew up with her and her sister Winter. When Storm told Collin that she was in love with him as a teen he turned her away and she left her home to be on her own. She needed to get away from him and the heart break. He knows that she had it rough, but he has no idea how rough or what her life was truly like when she left.

Storm tried to be loyal to her sister and stay away from Collin, but she needed to confess her love to him. He rejected her and she was heartbroken. She found her way back into his life, but they both try to keep their relationship to friendship, that is until tragedy strikes too close to home for both of them and they realize that life is too short. The only problem is that there is a huge secret that could destroy what they want to build.

This story is a second chance romance with twists, secrets, betrayal and tragedy. It is heartbreaking and tragic but it’s also full of great characters, tough bikers that are wrapped around a baby girls’ finger, and a family of loyal men that will fight for the safety and protection of their loved ones no matter what. I loved this story although it brought me to tears from the very beginning. It is tragic, but with a HEA. I love the strength and sassiness of Storm and Brogan. They aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe, and they won’t take any crud from anyone. I love the Gypsy B’s and I look forward to more of these great characters and wonderful books by Ms. Marshall. If you like tough bikers with a soft spot for kids and women, then you will love Ms. Marshall’s Gypsy B’s.

Pheonix96 via Amazon – Book 2 in the GBMC Series .Storm has loved Pope since she was 13 but he was already taken by her sister. Years later they have the chance to be together but do their feelings still remain? Between secrets, tragedy and threats from all angles will they ever get their second chance? a well written biker romance. The characters bring the emotional read to life, that has you twisting in suspense and hot with desires!

Thank you to every person that has left a review or rating not just for The Pope, but also for The Wolf. I appreciate it more than words can express.



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