Author Profile – Latrese Sparkle Riley

Wow. I have had the privilege of connect with a ton of authors this week. Not just people I have never heard of (which I love) but even some of whose work I have read before. I love being part of the author/reader community and assisting where I can.

Assistance can be anything from a author profile to just a kind word. Sometimes we require no more than a smile from a stranger to keep us going when the world seems to keep pushing us down…

This is the second author profile this week.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How many books have you written?

Hi Readers! So happy to be here. My name is Author Latrese Sparkle Riley from Rosedale MD. I am fairly new. I have only been writing for nine months. I am learning as I go along. I am the author of 24 short Fiction books. My genre is Urban with a creative twist of romance, suspense, mystery, crime and on the edge thrillers all in one!. I vividly paint my stories through my imagination!.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired you?

My latest book “ Ice Kissed 2! Meet the Clarke’s” is second to “ Ice Kissed: Frost bitten at first sight. The coldest winter ever”. One of my very early books that I decided to bring back in the Spring. Seasons has always inspired me to write. I love snow, flowers, leaves and sunny days. I have a book for each by the way.

What is your current project?

As for what’s next and what I am currently working on?. I have been wanting to explore Science fiction and Fantasy stories. I haven’t created my cover as of yet. But when I do, I’ll be ready to soar through the galaxy!.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

My best advice for aspiring authors is what has been shared with me by many. Most importantly, never give up. We all have to start out at the bottom and work our way up. It is definitely a process. Success will come. But for most, not over night. Accept critique always. It makes you a better and stronger writer. For me, it strengthened my self confidence. When you can offer your support and experiences with other offers. It’s important to develop your own writing style. As new authors, we tend to compare ourselves to the great, experienced authors often. That’s ok, but remember you are you and it’s your story. Make it stand out!. Be proud of your accomplishments at every stage!.

Something fun about you…

For those of you who’ve noticed me on Facebook, I’m the one commenting with purple hearts. Yes, you’ve guessed. Purple is my favorite color. My favorite foods to eat are grilled!. I’m available to attend your cookouts!. Invites are accepted over here. If I were to travel anywhere in the world at this moment, it would be to Brazil, Italy or Sweden. But for now, I am settled in my backyard under the trees. Yes, with a grill, good food and friends.

You can follow Miss Sparkle on all you favorite social media platforms! Join in on her crazy adventure and see the world through her eyes.

And as a bonus, Ice Kissed 2 is FREE all day today. So get you copy now.

Happy reading everyone!



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