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So here we go. This is my first author profile in a series of five. Hopefully I will be able to widen their audience, even if only by one person. All the featured authors are self published.

 Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How many books have you written?

Hey, I’m Kerri Gennard but I go by the name K.COOPER when I write (my maiden name) I’m from Yeovil Somerset in the UK.

I’m currently 33 years old and have four beautiful little girls and a crazy little pup called Ted.

I am actually Dyslexic but this does not affect my writing what so ever. I like to show everyone that just because I have dyslexia, does not mean I cannot do the things I love the most, and that is writing. I decided to start writing when I was reading a brilliant book about eleven years ago and I thought, wow I know I can do this. It was my late grandfather who told me to just go on and do it. My first book Is dedicated to him

I have two books out at the moment both on amazon worldwide.

Both my book are aimed at Young adults or new adults, and are both fantasy based.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired you?

My latest Novel is called BECOMING, its is book 1 in the Isamcey series. I have read so many amazing YA fantasy-based books that’s I wanted to give an urban fantasy a go with a nice little romance twist mixed in.

Becoming is about a girl called Thea who had just turned 17 and has no idea about who she truly was, that was all about to change. She has to learn very quickly how to adjust to a new magical world, how to protect her self and how truly important she was. To top it all off she meets a gorgeous boy named Ryder. So, she has to battle to gain control of her unimaginable powers and her brand-new love life all at the same time….and try to no get her self or anyone she loves killed!

What authors have influenced or inspired you?

Being dyslexic I found the best way is to just read as much as possible and then it doesn’t become a problem anymore, so I have hundreds of authors who have inspired me. My all-time favorite series is by Garth Nix, His book SABRIEL is massive to me I adore it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

The only advice I can give is just keep writing. Great things happen to those who just keep trying. No matter how many rejections lets you get, just keep going. It doesn’t mean your work is bad it just means the right person hasn’t seen it yet.

If you could go anywhere on the planet, where would you go and why?

Right now its lock down in the UK so honestly if I could go anywhere right now it would be to my mum’s house!!


The cute boy from the kitchen, she had seen yesterday, walked into hall, he hadn’t spotted her yet. He had headphones on and a mop in his hand. Thea stood there and watched him for a moment. Until he looked up and finally saw her. He kind of half smiled at her then carried on moping. She took a step towards him, making him stop and look up at her again. He removed his head phones. “Can I help you” he asked her, she was a bit nervous but didn’t know why. “Uh, I’m Thea I’m new here, well I arrived two days ago” she stammered out “Your Ryder, right?” she asked him. “Wow I must get talked about a lot for the new girl to already know my name, but yeah that’s me” he seemed suspicious of her. “Okay cool, Jo said she thinks you and me are very alike” he stopped her by holding his hand up “ how are we anything alike?, I’m a guy thrown out by his family for reasons I can’t remember, whereas you’re a girl who didn’t even know she was a witch. Too me that says we are nothing alike” he suddenly seemed a little hostile. “Okay then, sorry I said anything, news about me clearly travels fast too, and nice to meet you by the way” she said petulantly and started to walk away. “Look wait, I’m sorry that was unfair, I’m just tired of people asking me about my life, I feel like I’m being interrogated all the bloody time” he admitted. “I get it don’t worry” she replied. He looked at her for a second “Well if you like, I could help you learn the basics; I heard you have to learn everything as soon as possible, that you could be in some kind of trouble” he offered, clearly trying to be nice and make up for his initial rudeness “Yeah I guess so, the sad thing is I don’t even really know why I’m in trouble or who I’m hiding from, I feel like I’m living in a bubble and surely it should pop soon” she told him. He smiled at her; she really liked his smile. Ryder propped his mob up against the wall and removed his headphones fully. “Okay, first things first” he said “Do you know your primary element?” he asked her, she met his question with a very confused look “I’ll take that as a no then” he laughed. She couldn’t fully concentrate she kept looking at him, then noting things about him she hadn’t seen earlier. “Okay next plan, I’ll try the early basic primal test spells with you, we will soon see which you are strongest in” he ploughed on; oblivious to the scrutiny his features were being put through right now. “You have no idea what I’m on about do you” he asked “Nope, but you look so serious so I’ll let you carry on” she laughed. “Hey, don’t mock me, I’m trying to help you here” but he was only playing with her, no malice came through his voice. “What I’m going to do is call forth the elements to stand upon my hand, and then the one you can transfer to your own hand will be your primary element” he told her “Okay! but how do I do that? what spell do I say or whatever it is, I have never heard of this before, I have only been involved in magic for two days” she reminded him. “You don’t need to use a spell if it’s your element it will come to you”. Thea nodded. understanding. “Ready” he asked “Ready” she replied. Ryder held out his hand and murmured a couple words. Thea was sure the room filled with static electricity; the whole place was buzzing. Ryder extended his hand out towards her; somehow, she knew to copy him. Their fingers almost touching, she noted how much bigger his hand was to hers. “Focus, right now is not the time to examine cute guy’s hands” she silently scolded herself. Like lighting, all four elements jumped from Ryders open palm to Thea’s. Ryders face was a picture of pure shock, then awe. Thea was confused, “Umm Ryder, didn’t you say one primary element? Oh well I’m sure loads of people have all four” she shrugged. “No Thea they don’t, in fact it is incredibly rare for someone to have even two primary elements, I haven’t ever heard of someone having all four” his voice shock as well as his hands

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