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Cover Reveal: The Wolf (Book 1 in the Gypsy Bastards Series) by Jade Marshall

Today I just want to show my appreciation for everyone else. Here are some of the blog posts from my reviewers! Enjoy!

Sassy Redhead Book Reviews


The Wolf by Jade Marshall
(Book 1 in the Gypsy Bastards Series)

Hadley Freeman grew up around rough and tumble bikers. After the death of her brother she runs away from home and decides to stay as far away from bikers as humanly possible. Unfortunately life has other plans and the Gypsy Bastards storm into her life, trampling all her well laid plans. The beautiful and mysterious sergeant at arms, Wolf, sets his sights on her but the past intrudes and causes her to push him away.
Brandon “Wolf” Callaway has lived a life of self-imposed separation for the past few years, since the death of the woman he loved and their child. But one look at Hadley and he wants more. The only problem is they both continue to let the past intrude on the present.

After Hadley is kidnapped by a rival MC, Wolf must rescue the only…

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Published by Author J Marshall

South African-born author. Bibliophile. Mother of beasts and a 15-year-old blonde. Married to a hard ass, loving, biker. Hair color tester. Drinker of alcohol. Learning to cook

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